Litter  Policy January 2014

The nursery recognises that litter is an environmental issue and that litter reduction and prevention is an ongoing process that involves all members of the nursery community.


  • All children/families will be informed and actively encouraged to follow the nursery policy.
  • The curriculum will reflect the importance of reinforcing litter as an environmental issue and everyone’s role in the reduction and prevention of litter around the nursery and in the community.
  • Children and parent/carers will be involved along with staff in the planning and implementation of the policy
  • The collection of litter will be promoted as a positive step to improving the environment.


  • Children, staff and parent/carers will be encouraged to put all litter in the appropriate bins.
  • Children will be encouraged to help on annual litter picking days and National Spring Clean month, within the nursery grounds.
  • Eco Committee will monitor and compare data gathered from individual litter picks.
  • Games stories and use of ICT will promote the positive message of keeping the environment clean and clear of litter.
  • Parent/carers will be offered regular information and updates and encouraged to continue the message beyond the nursery gates.
  • Staff will use existing skills, knowledge and expertise to develop ways of incorporating the clean environmental message across the curriculum.
  • Staff will strive to develop and extend the children’s knowledge of litter and environmental issues.
  • Continued professional development will be in place for all staff to ensure best practice.


  • Qualified Early years Officer Staff, Students, Parents/Carers as helper
  • Eco Committee.
  • Eco Website.
  • Partnership between nursery school, day nursery and nursery class, schools and early years’ settings allowing for smooth transition.
  • Sharing of resources between early years establishments.
  • Ongoing staff training.
  • Resources inventory.
  • Access to support materials both in nursery and through Library Support for Schools.
  • Our Changing World, Citizenship Resource Pack, Eco Schools Pack.
  • Support and input from litter education support officer, Waste Minimisation Office
  • Input from Keep Scotland Tidy/ National Spring Clean


  • Policy will be continuously reviewed at 12 monthly intervals and with Eco Committee.
  • Regular resource and procedure audits will be undertaken.
  • Development planning will be informed by the information gathered from the monitoring process.
  • Accurate records leading to application for further green flag awards